How come everything was so well arranged!

It was surely planned by God, wanted us to visit St.Joseph to introduce Subjhajit. I have immediately discovered how talented he is, he has the same value of Nijinsky.

If Subhajit was born in the 19th century dancing in Europe produced by Sergei Diaghilev, he could have attracted the all audience of European by the way just like how Mata Hari did or what Yang Liping is doing in the 12st century.

On the last day of our show in Chandranagar I have already decided to take him to Japan after a couple of months.

God let us have him in Japan with the namely support of the Embassy of India. Subhajit in Japan⇒

Now it's time to give him back what he has given to us.

Japan gives him back with "mahabisha" performing on stage to let him see.