Luigi Jazz Dance


Luigi in N.Y.

Photographed by Milton Oleaga, the official photographer of Luigi.

Both of them are now in heaven.

Luigi in Tokyo

"Luigi on Stage" in 1982.

Luigi danced with selected Japanese Luigi style jazz dancers on stage.

"Sing Sing Sing", "Mission Impossible", "Summer 42" and "Chariot of Fire", his creation inspired of Japan, dedicated to his master Michio Ito who was called "The Father of American Modern Dance".

Francis in Japan

"Francis on Stage" in 1983.

Francis Roach trained Luigi style Jazz Dancers all over Japan, danced together on stage.

"Magic Bird of Fire", "Epaulement", "Mission Impossible", etc. as well as tap dancing that was the root of jazz dance. Keji Koike as a guest dancer.

Luigi's Jazz Dance repertoire     ルイジの振り付けレパートリー(日本語)

"Satin Doll" 

Originally choreographed for the ballerinas in point shoes of Harkness Ballet in New York that was founded by Rebecca Harkness existed only for ten years. Sarbador Dali was in charge of the stage art of this ballet group. Luigi's Jazz Dance Company(the second, Francis representated) used to perform this number as the opening of the show. Main role was danced by Gill Stein.

"Mission Impossible"

Music by Danny Elfman, 5 beat dance, choreograph developed from "Satin Doll". As it is not 8 beat dance, not easy to count at all!

"Sing Sing Sing"

Most popular jazz dance number of Luigi widely spread out throughout in Japan by Luigi style jazz dance teachers since 1982. Using arms work, often starting at the count of 8, not 1. Francis Roach danced it in his tap shoes surrounded by 4 Japanese Luigi dancers who did Luigi' s choreograph for a TV program of channel 12 in Tokyo 1983.


Performed for the first time at "Dance of the Year" held in Wardolf Astria in New York in 1983 when Luigi was awarded. Francis Roach and Andreas Handler danced as duet, perfectly syncronysed. Beautiful jazz movement with complicated footwork developing more and more for 7 minutes. Performed in Japan for three places by Francis and Marika. It was the first and the last performance of this dance number in Japan. 

"Brazil my Love"

This is collection of the best of Luigi's choreograph of several dance numbers some like "Sing Sing Sing" and "Epaulement" arranged for "Luigi's Jazz Dance Technique" by Japan Victor for video disc soft shooting done at TBS studio organized by an advertising company, Hakuhodou. In 2010 danced for the first time by a Polish professional dancer, Regina Garcia Slovotsky at Degojad theater in Guadarajala in Mexico.  

"Summer of 42"

Luigi's most famous solo number. How many people watched his dance with tear in the world. He made the audience to cry with his dance. What he did was almost like his jazz dance technique however how he danced made us cry.

"Chariot of Fire"

Inspired of Michio Ito's arm's tecchnique, "L'eurythmic", Luigi created this dance number in Tokyo in 1982. It is mixture of jazz ballet and japanese dance.

"Magic Bird of Fire"

The title role used to be danced by Ronnie de Marco (the representative of the Luigi's first jazz dance company) then by Francis Roach by the second company. Composed by Stravinsky. Luigi gave back with jazz to his Russian teachers what he learned from them. A spectacle jazz ballet number, usually danced at the end of the show.

"Farewell my love"

Japan Victor version of "The Chariot of Fire", filmed in Tokyo. Showing a lot of Michio Ito's arms work.

Other dance numbers:

"Bogue", "Rosa", etc. however best jazz numbers are above mentioned ones as those were created in Luigi's best time when Luigi Jazz Dance Company was still active.