Leaning dance in Tokyo

Customized dance lesson course for foreign students according to the request.

Now only private lesson.

Traditional Japanese Dance/Luigi Style Jazz Ballet/Jazz Dance/Step Dance/

Level: As it is customized lesson, all level is available.

From beginner to professional.

Minimum 2 lessons - long term over months or years.


If requested we prepare the necessary document for your cultural visa application.

Accommodation available for the students. 


Admission: free


Dance lesson fee: Private lesson/man to man 1 person

2 lessons:     8,000 

5 lessons:   19,000 

10 lessons: 36,000 

(40 lesson before visa application: 120,000) 

Minimum 20 lesson if having experience in a previous dance school: some like ballet, tap, ballroom, modern, jazz, ethnic however not hip hop or disco/club dance)


How to do culture visa application ⇨ 

What should be prepared:


★ Dance wear of stretching material.

★ Kimono if learning traditional Japanese however not necessary.

★ Barefoot/socks or jazz dance shoes or ballet shoes. No sneakers.

★ Towel.

★ Drink.

★ Fan (Get one in Asakusa!)

A fan will be provided if doing 40 or 100 lesson course.