Japan Dance Art (for foreign students)

Culture Visa


6 months course, attending total 100 lessons.


Lesson hour:

Private lesson: 1 hour.

Group lesson: 2 hours.


Lesson time:

Arranged between 9-13.


No work allowed:


Culture visa doesn't allow you to work as it is not a working visa.

What to learn:

How to use the body(finger, arm, foot, neck, etc.)

How to move the feet.

Step work.

How to use the prop(fan & umbrella)

Leaning a choreographed dance number.

Dancing in front of audience if your ability becomes good to do it.


What prepare:

For a performing, your kimono will be prepared by the school side however you have to prepare only white tabi socks.

For dance lesson you don't need to bring your kimono or yukata if you don't have.


Dance lesson is for any age however for the visa application only above 18 years old.



Nicr to have previous dance experience in your home country however  you will have 40 lessons before visa application.

Before application:

You have to come to Tokyo by tourist visa to take 40 dance lesson before application. It is to make a lesson record to show the immigration and to avoid a fake application. You can take 40 days (1 lesson/day) or 20 days (2 lessons/day) according to your schedule. 3 lessons in a day will be too much.


Admission fee: 40000 

Dance text books, fan, documents for the Immigration office for visa application and photo shooting in kimono.

40 lessons: 120000

100 lessons:270000


Credit card available.



Read it first before applying 100 lesson course.

A cultural visa is to let you stay in Japan for learning traditional Japanese culture/art.

You actually don't need to apply a culture visa if you come to take lesson every single day that will take only 3 months.

To finish your 100 lessons course in 3 months you can arrange your schedule taking 2 lessons for the first 20 days then 1 lesson after that, you can arrange your lesson schedule as you prefer.

Take lessons no matter in what kind of visa status, whether it is a tourist or culture or residential.

Continue to take lessons in case you fail to get the cultural visa if you like dance.

Lesson ticket is available for two years from the day of the visa application.

Come back to Tokyo again to finish your 100 lesson course if your short time stay will be over.

40 lesson course: private.

100 lesson course: 80 private & 20 dance rehearsal with other student/dancer.

In case you have had dance lesson in other school having the certification of the dance school director's  proof, you need to take only 20 lessons with us before applying the visa and can take rest of 20 lessons after the application.

Don't apply 100 lesson course if you are not interested to dance just willing to get a visa to stay for working.

Admission/Lesson fee no refund. 


Dance first visa second!

If you like to join us:


Application form


If you have a question:

Send your message to us.


Your name



Where you are now(home country/Japan)

Let's enjoy dancing with us!

Who could get the cultural visa: Dance Performing Activity record:


Costarican female (1 year visa, channel 8 TV), Denish female, Filippina female 1,2(TV cmmercial, Summer Festival in Tokyo, Tatara Festival in Kawaguchi, Summer Festival in Nishi-Kawaguchi, Philippine Embassy Independence Day Event),  Korean female(Philippines Embassy Independence Day Event),  Pakistani male, Jordanian male 1, 2, Sri Lankan male 1, 2,3,4(Philippine Embassy Independence Day Event, Summer Festival in Tokyo, Tatara Festival in Kawaguchi, Philippine Embassy Independence Day Event,5,6, Sri Lankan female. Some students had performing record, some not depends on their ability, chance, lesson attendance, etc.)                                                notice→