To my dear foreign friends

Let's learn how to wear kimono,

      take pictures in kimono


              make sushi!


4 hours program in Shinjuku City in Tokyo!     

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Dancing in Tokyo!


Private lesson for fun & serious training.


Culture visa application available.


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Workaway/Helpx in Tokyo!


Cultural exchange international program.



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Marika's new book released!

Amazon kindle e-book.

"Cat Book,Cronology of Cat", a book of 50 cats photographs.

 Even if you don't read Japanese, you will enjoy the photos of Marika's lovely cats.          See detail


Make your money doubled! 

Your 0.2 bitcoin will be 0.3 bitcoin,

Your 0.5 bitcoin will be 1.0 bitcoin,

Your 3 bitcoin will be 9 bitcoin,

Your 6 bitcoin will be 24 bitcoin in ten months.

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Please, don't ask my name, where I come from or whether I can speak English.

It is written in my profile.

Never call my telephone or video chat.

As I'm an artist, I don't want to be disturbed when I concentrate to my work.

You can write your review on facebook article however not messenger as I might not see.

If you come to my real life, doing above activities with me, you will be welcome.

Thank you.