Welcome to facebook friend site!


I'm Marika of Tokyo.


Thank you for your friend request.

Since having started facebook many friend request and message have come to me. Sorry for not able to reply to your message, as I have a strict policy not associate with any of virtual person but concentrate to my full energy to the real life.

As I am always fully occupied by my real life(dance, writing books, plants & cats, social activities, etc.) I have no time to reply to you unless coming to my real life activity.

 As long as you are a facebook friend in the virtual world, you don't exist to me. 

In case you once appear as real person participating my activity,  we can become good friends in the real life. 


It is always great pleasure to dance with you in the dance class or on stage for some festsivals in Japan or somewhere. Dance lesson reservation available.

Travel to Japan

If you visit Japan as a traveler, you are welcome! As my friend is running rental apartments, you can stay there.


As you are a foreigner you might not read my books, it is pity as what I want to tell you and the world is all written in my books

Kimono photo

You can wear kimono(samurai style:kimono, jacket and panatalones) and take pictures in the dance studio or street.


If you are already a member of Dreamtrip we might happened to see each other in a tour somewhere in the world.

DasCoin business

If you come to Tokyo and happen to train your body or practice your daily Yoga, use my rental dance studio.

You are good looking in a nice outfit however as long as you are contacting me from facebook chat, you are an invisible person to me. 

I only trust the real world as I have enough illusion & imagination in my dance numbers and books.

I speak Japanese, English, German and little French.

I'm a mother of 5 cats and 100 pots of plants. I have divorced twice.

Please, don't contact me if you just to want to chat with me. I don't have time for it but for a real life, yes.


The reason why I never reply to your message using facebook is simply I have no time for the person who I don't know.

Please, "don't send me any message by messenger" that bothers me.

Some people meet up on the facebook however I like to meet people in my real life as virtual friendship is boring & fake, a real one is exciting!

Have a nice day!


Best wishes from Tokyo.    marika


I have made this website because I have been receiving too many personal message especially from military related society. I like to avoid any kind of war related activity. Make your living without being involved in war business.  You can do better thing in your life contributing to the world.